About Us

With the cutting-edge technology aimed at dramatically improving yachting experiences, we at Rockstar Events are committed to major innovations for most sophisticated product lines. Whether you are looking for corporate Events on Luxury Yacht, Yacht Birthday Parties, Conferences & Events on Yacht, Customized Theme Parties, or Wedding Party on Yacht, you will enjoy first-class service, mouth-watering cuisine & dining and plenty of room to dance for attaining unforgettable experience on the water, Rockstar Events is the one-stop solution.
Celebration time is very precious. Thus, make every moment memorable. Rockstar Events takes you to more remarkable shores, from bucket list-worthy destinations to game-changing private spots. All on the best cruise ships in the world. No matter what type of event you are hosting – private or corporate, cruising on the charter yacht with us around spectacular scenery transforms your events into an outstanding experience. All your guests will dine on the sumptuous cuisine, visit the city like never before & you will enjoy the many thanks you will get for making the special occasion even more memorable.
Our Vision
Backed by the simplicity and high performance with an increasingly personalized usage, we ensure the luxury yachting experience for an engaging lifestyle.